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December 2020

• Meet undergraduate student Milana Asadpour

• Meet new faculty member Joe Emenheiser

• Meet undergraduate students Cameron Irvine and Hayden Amtower

• Meet undergraduate student Madina Isroilova

• Statistician studies effects of weather and air pollution in transmission of COVID-19

November 2020

• Meet undergraduate student Jacqueline Cuevas Gonzales

• Exercise scientist’s research focuses on muscle and tendon health and function in athletes and older adults

• Microbiologist develops improved technology for poultry food safety

• Economist studies effects of trade disputes, Arctic ice melt and pesticide exposure

• Meet undergraduate student Shaharia Ferdus

• Molecular epidemiologist tracks virus with genome sequencing and comparative phylogenetic analysis

October 2020

• Meet undergraduate student Elaine Tantalo

• Landscape architect studies health and community benefits of outdoor recreational spaces

• Meet undergraduate student Shayla Roman

• Athletic trainer researches treatment for kneecap pain

• Meet alumna Jennifer Syme

• Faculty team and website provide science-based information on GMOs

• Meet undergraduate student Eric Atanga

• Scholarship honoring alumnus Kaye Andrus supports animal science students

September 2020

• Meet undergraduate student Rylyn Koger

• Meet undergraduate student Stephen Kelly

• Economists produce study on effects of COVID-19 on the dairy industry

• A new life for an “old” technology

• Meet undergraduate student Avery Bikerman

Department of Nutritional Sciences celebrates 50th anniversary

• Meet new faculty member Sangyong Choi

• Meet new faculty member Caitlin Caspi

• Alumna leaves $1.7 million bequest to Nutritional Sciences

August 2020

• Meet new faculty member Cristina Connolly

• A new life for an “old” technology

• Meet alumnus Christopher Bruno

• Meet undergraduate student Autumn Blasi

• Meet new faculty member James Knighton

July 2020

• Meet graduate student Ava Smith

• Meet graduate student Amanda Reiter

• Economist studies mismatch between industry needs and workforce skill sets

• Meet graduate student Danielle Tanzer

• NSF funds study of COVID-19 effects on underrepresented STEM students

• Meet 2020 graduates Caitlyn and Kristen Splaine

• Resource economics student leverages food security solutions to strengthen communities

• Meet graduate student Yuxiang Wang

June 2020 

Meet graduate student Mia Kawaida

• Allied Health Sciences completes departmental review, launches 4-year major at Waterbury Campus

• Meet graduate student Tyler Gavitt

• Meet graduate student Brandon Smith

• Medical laboratory sciences graduates staff COVID-19 diagnostic labs across the state

• Meet graduate student Kelsey Arroyo

• Animal scientist receives University Teaching Innovation Award

May 2020

• Meet new faculty member Mariana Fragomeni

• Meet alumna Arlene Arnold

• Three CAHNR students selected as McNair Fellows

• Meet graduate student Matthew Costello

• Life goes on at UConn animal barns during COVID-19 pandemic

• Scientist, educator, Fulbright Scholar Hedley Freake will deliver Commencement address

April 2020

• Meet undergraduate student Scheba Derogene

• Meet undergraduate student Barbara Shehata

• Home and Garden Education Center staff ready to advise novice and seasoned gardeners

• Meet undergraduate student Carl Johnson

• Meet new faculty member Kristen Cooksey Stowers

• Meet undergraduate student Dea Ziso

March 2020

• Korey Stringer Institute supports international elite athletic championships

• New AAS degree in arboriculture and urban forestry to launch in fall 2020

• Epidemiologist leverages social media to support healthy lifestyles for new moms

February 2020

• Meet undergraduate student Daniel Mitola

• New course examines science and policy related to meat as food

• Meet undergraduate student Daniel Yu

• New study quantifies Connecticut green industry’s economic impact

January 2020

• Researcher finds harvesting invasive species promotes biodiversity but increases methane release

• Meet undergraduate student Brazil Rule

• Meet undergraduate student Maussi Arrunategui

• Meet undergraduate student Dante Vittor

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