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Newspaper Articles

The Middletown Press, Health and Science Page


• Housing for the Golden Years

• How do I adult birds make new brain cells? The answer has human implications

• Women and heart disease

• Yoga

• Eating disorders take toll

• Therapeutic massage reaps health benefits

• Near-death experiences Researcher studies them

• A widow finds comfort in husband’s experience

• New kidney, bright future is donor’s gift to Kevin Hill

• Wes scientist stalks DNA research linked to cancer cures

• Letting nature lead the way, body can heal itself

• Home healthcare services expanding to meet needs

• Allergies! This is the season to sneeze and wheeze


• Poisoning suspected? A poison control expert is as close as your phone

• Doctor discusses eyecare issues

• Getting a handle on the holiday blues

• Lasers: new weapons for dermatologists

• How to enjoy holiday meals despite dietary restrictions

• Using hypnosis to help patients heal

• Living with AIDS, and helping others to live with AIDS

• A family and hospice - a sister’s final months are eased by special care

The Middletown Press, Woman Page


• Brokerage houses: Not for men only

• Women in science: a Wesleyan objective


• Garden club at 80 set sights on new project

The Middletown Press, Weekend

• Poet, teacher infuses new poetry with dry wit (cover story)

Self-Health Networker

• Improving Indoor Air Quality

Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin


• Down to the Wires (reprinted from Green Profit Magazine)

Middlesex County Business Review


• Street Vendors unfair competition

• Peddlers Ordinance changes

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