Kim Colavito Markesich


"I gazed at him, his back turned to me, and I couldn't help but marvel at his perfect head. The symmetry, his ears less pronounced now that he'd grown into them, his summer haircut just starting to grow out, a reminder of the wave he's had since infancy, a gentle sweeping of hair swirling around the back of his head toward the nape of his neck. It drives me crazy with love." - Kate


"Sometimes people don't see what is right in front of them. And then you try to explain it to them, and they look at you like you have snot on your face or something. Their eyes get glazy and they have this weird look about them. - Efrem


"But a part of her is missing. A part of her is dead. A part of her is with David. These intrusive thoughts came at Elizabeth like a freight train, sometimes in the middle of the day, but more frequently, at night, as she stared at the ceiling, alone in bed, the house still." - Elizabeth


"Why did the world have to be so unkind? Who cared that Efrem didn't play baseball, or follow the leader like a good little soldier. What had they all fought for in the 60s? Peace and love, and what a line of shit. All's well unless you break the mold, and then forget it." - Mira




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“Kim writes funny, brilliantly.

     I love her voice. Her writing makes me laugh and cry in the same sentence. She writes straight from the heart.”


- Nancy Slonim Aronie, author of, Writing from the Heart, and creator of, Chilmark Writing Workshop.


"When a writer really cares about his/her subject matter, I believe the reader can tell. This work is the reflection of a writer who really cares and has a personal stake in the lives of her characters. What else makes a story memorable to read?”


- William H. Foster III, English professor and author of, Dreaming of a Face Like Ours


"People deal with grief in many ways. This is a brilliant and sensitive way that the author expressed how one processes the pain and sadness when faced with an enormity of loss over a short period of time."

- Holly Hatch LCSW, BCD


"As a child psychiatrist, I regularly see issues the author writes about affecting the mental health of children. I was impressed with the author's ability to describe these difficult subjects in a personal way where other parents could relate. The author has a way of using honesty and humor that touches your heart. The simple, elegant writing makes this an easy read that sticks with you. Truly moving!"


- Pamela A. Kurth, MD, MA, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist






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